Podcasts are here to stay. This is a program dedicated to your success as a guest: Fast Track Podcast Guest System gets you in front of your buying market and prepares you for other media-related marketing in the future.

Personalized Podcast Guest Success System

Podcast Coaching Fast Track Program includes:

1 full year of truly unlimited, laser-focused coaching calls.

4- 60 to 90 min coaching sessions over two weeks to get the most bang-for-your-buck as a podcast guest.                                                                                           

1) Creating your signature presentation/branding/impression

a) Identifying the most powerful pieces to deliver

b) Crafting a message and a pitch they want to hear

c) Identifying 3 additional podcast show angles to reach your target audience

d) Creating value-added offers and powerful content to get the audience asking for more!

2) Assessment of your signature message

a) Review edit, fine-tune your message

b) Preparation of value-adds for their audience

3) Mock interviews

a) How to quickly recover from surprises hosts can present

i. Unrelated information they will likely ask of you

ii. Responding and redirecting back to your purpose

b) Role-playing with a podcast host

i. Handling on-air jitters

ii. Live interview on Zoom

iii. Review of performance and recommendations

4) How to Appeal to a Podcast host & Get Invited Back on their Show

a) Avoid 3 common and fatal errors when approaching a podcast host

b) Alternative methods for opening the door

c) THE best way to get booked on any show

e) What NOT to do on the air

f) How to maximize your appearance on a podcast



***Grab the ‘flawless story journal and media calendar’

YES, this is the ultimate organizational tracker. Never again wonder if you are repeating the same old story or if you already wore that outfit to an event, appearance or meeting!


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